A beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in the Valdera area. A parish church in Fabbrica is already mentioned in a document of 1017, but the current facility probably dates back to the 12th century. Since then, it got almost intact until now, despite interventions in 1405, in the 18th century and in 1832, which provided it with vaults, the squaring of its apse and elevation. In 1959 its stone facing was restored. Inside are three naves divided by alternating columns and pillars. It preserves valuable works of the school of Della Robbia, such as a statue St Anthony the Abbot, by Luca della Robbia himself, and other interesting and colored sculptures in glazed terracotta by Benedetto Buglioni. A panel depicting baby Jesus in an attitude of playing with John the Baptist and other saints is signed by Filippino Lippi, while a 17th century panel of the Last Supper was created by Paolo Guidotti.

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