Adrian Paci, The silence of plants, 2019, Peccioli, Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater

The work of Adrian Paci places the viewer in the position of listening to, contemplating or simply looking at this corner of uncultivated green. An orbitally shaped iron structure, about eight meters long, surrounds a gigantic plant of “Buddleja davidii”, also known as the “butterfly tree”. At the two poles in front of the plant are two seats, for spectators who will have the desire, time and patience to listen to the silence of life.

The work was created for BienNoLo, a temporary, urban, metropolitan, central and peripheral art space contemporaneously. The acronym NoLo indicates the area that extends “north of Piazzale Loreto”, the most creative and multi-ethnic district of Milan.

Paci’s work was installed at the Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater as part of the 11Lune 2019 festival.

More info: Fondazione Peccioliper

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