The facility was designed in the 90s by the architect Alberto Samon√†. It was obtained from the restoration of the old crenellated front of a warehouse belonging to the former estate Gaslini and from the emptying of an embankment. It is made of two halls and an urban terrace, intended for events and exhibitions. In 2016 Angelo Casciello decorated its interiors, adding his Multipurpose Sign on a wall. At the entrance is Light Mood, a work by Corsini that records people’s moods and transforms them into colors. On the terrace, a wall shows Tribute to Giorgio Gremignai, a PVC canvas with sketches representing the culture of peasants, so dear to the former town council member and artist. On the top is the sculpture Tempio del vento by Casciello. From the terrace, Nel Momento, a work by Remo Salvadori, can be seen on the imposing building in the front, at the beginning of Corso Matteotti.

More info: Fondazione Peccioliper Archive

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