Vittorio Corsini, “Lo sguardo di Peccioli”, 2017, print on wood, Peccioli, Via Borgherucci

On a terrace overlooking the valley, a time-worn wall is dotted with photographs depicting eyes. The literature, as well as the scientific research, dedicated to the importance of the gaze is vast: «the eye summarizes the face in reflecting the soul», says Georg Simmel; “The eye is the main tool for observing the reality underlying life,” says Robert Lanza, an expert in neuroscience. Blue, grey, young, wise, bright, cheerful, cunning, melancholic, exhausted, hopeful… the eyes of the inhabitants of Peccioli, immortalized against a neutral and always identical background, stare at the open horizon facing them, and echo the ways in which usually we benefit from that place. A multitude of gazes that ideally turn to the future, aware of being part of a community that is able to transform itself as it grows, welcoming the new while maintaining the strength of its roots.

More info: Archive of Foundation Peccioliper

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