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Although in ancient manuscripts of the 10th  and 11th centuries reference is made to the lands of Liguli, Cigoli or Leoli, in the Pisan area by ​​San Miniato, the oldest document certainly referable to Legoli is a sales contract dating back to 1139, in which Count Ranieri di Travale dei Pannocchieschi, son of the more famous count Ugolino and of the countess Sibilla, his wife, sold one of their large properties, whose boundaries included the Castle of Legoli.

The medieval past of Legoli, which in alternating periods was under the protection of Volterra, the Pisan Republic and the Guelphs, is strongly identifiable in the tower house, in the remains of the castle and in the wonderful Tabernacle by Benozzo Gozzoli, who lived here in 1479.

In recent times, since 1997, Legoli became notorious for a nearby waste treatment and disposal facility, whose management was able to develop an efficient industrial process, resulting today in a powerful economic engine and a basic part of Sistema Peccioli, with tangible effects on the area, not only in Legoli but throughout the Valdera region.

Inside the facility there is an amphitheater and some interventions by renowned artists who have turned the landfill into an art venue: Tremlett, Staino and Naturaliter.

At the level of daisies by Staino

In May 2015, the new Biological Mechanical Treatment Plant (B.M.T.) was inaugurated at the Waste Disposal Plant in Legoli. In 2016 Sergio Staino and his son Michele decorated a series
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“Gabbiani” (The Seagulls) work by Raffaello Mauro Marcucci at the Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant

Raffaello Mauro Marcucci, Gabbiani, 2010, Legoli, Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant Made in 2010 for the Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant in Legoli, the sculptures were installed in Piazza del
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Parish church of Saints Giusto and Bartolomeo and Church of Madonna delle Grazie

Originally dating back to the 12th century and firstly mentioned in 1139 on the occasion of the sale of the lands of Legoli by Count Pannocchieschi to the church of
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Tabernacle by Benozzo Gozzoli

May 1479. The plague strikes in Pisa, where Benozzo Gozzoli, a Florentine and perhaps a disciple of Beato Angelico, is working on the Camposanto. It is necessary to seek refuge
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Presenze: an installation by Naturaliter

Naturaliter, “Presenze”, 2011, artistic installation, cement fibers, Via della Fila and Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater in Peccioli; Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant in Legoli The idea that new life could be
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David Tremlett – Legoli 2017

David Tremlett, 2017, Legoli, Impianto di Smaltimento e Trattamento rifiuti Avant-garde, sustainability, participation are the keywords that summarize the project for the enhancement and environmental redevelopment of Peccioli and its
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