The charm of medieval Tuscany combined with
the conceptuality of contemporary art

Art, culture, nature, events in the heart of Tuscany.
Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta
A beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in the Valdera area....
Light Mood, Vittorio Corsini at the Multipurpose Center
Vittorio Corsini, Light Mood, 2017, RGB Light Algorithm, Peccioli, Multipurpose...
Et fugit in nemora – Luca Maestroni
Luca Maestroni, Et fugit in memoria, 2016 Luca Maestroni used...
Just Do It!
Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexander Vinogradov, Just Do It!, 2000, Peccioli,...
Spirale – Itinerary “Voci”
Vittorio Corsini, Spirale, 2018, wood, film and narrator’s voice, Peccioli,...

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